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Our Poems corner

Did you know that we have a poems corner?

It is on the right of the library, did you see it?

You will find there different poems from different authors.

The first one was «Blowing in the wind», by Bob Dylan. Do you think he is a poet?

And to commemorate Peace Day, you will find another «poem»: Sunday, Bloody Sunday, by the Irish U2. Is it a poem or isn´t it?

4 comentarios en “Our Poems corner

  1. Fernando dijo:

    Fenomenal, buen trabajo.

  2. Teacher JurGa dijo:

    LOVE IT!!! <3

  3. Teacher JurGa dijo:

    LOVE IT!!! <3 May I suggest a poem/song for Saint Valentine’s Day?

    • Aurelia Castro López dijo:

      Of course!
      I’m starting the search!

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